Summer Heart Picnic, July 2002
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Our second annual Heart Picnic brought together 43 families affected by all types of congenital heart defects.  Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) was instrumental in helping us get the word out about the picnic.

Attendees by age:  Jeni, 17, HLHS;  Natalie, 15, VSD, Mitral Insuff.; Kim, 15, Long QT Syndrome;  Amber, 15, TGA, VSD, ASD; Heather, 11, TOF; Drew, 11, single ventricle; Amanda, 10, Subaortic Stenosis; Marissa, 8, HRHS; Sidney, 8, Mitral Valve stenosis; Jeremy, 6, Tricuspid Atresia;  Zack, 5, AV Canal defect; Amina, 5, HLHS;  Amanda, 4, Hypoplastic Right Ventricle, Pulmonary Atresia, Sabrina, 4, TOF, Absent pulmonary valve, Josiah, 4 years, Trisomy 13; Sean, 3, ASD; Sara, 3;  Isaak, 3, TGA;  Danielle, 3 HLHS;  Nathan, 3, HLHS;  Vincent, 3, HLHS;  Braedon, 2, HLHS, TAPVR;  Philip, 2, HLHS;  Savannah, 2, ASD; Ian, 2, VSD; Lewis, 2, TOF; Isabel, 2, Heterotaxy Syndrome; Rebekah, 2, Congenitally corrected TGA, dextrocardia; Zoe, 22 months, Tricuspid Atresia; Dominic, 22 months, TGA; Tanner, 18 months, VSD, PDA, PFO; Rachel, 15 months, ASD, Coarc, Bicuspid Valve, ASD; Ethan, 15 months, April, 14 months, TOF; Mathew, 14 months, PDA; Bradley, 1, PAPVR; Rachel, 1, Cardiomyopathy; Noah, 9 months, HLHS;  Caroline, 8 months HLHS;  Cami, 4 months, HLHS.

A very special thank you to Fire Station #4 in Irvine for letting the kids see a fire truck and fire engine close up!  They climbed all over the trucks, played with the hoses, and even sat in the driver's seat!  It was the highlight  of the picnic!

Thank you also to: Sam's Club, Irvine; Costco, Tustin; ClaimJumper Restaurants, and
Target, Irvine MarketPlace for their generous contributions.
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Picture of Hope - HLHS 2002
Children with HLHS: ages 4 months to 17 years.
CA Heart Connection Picture of Hope - CHD 2002

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