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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
William Mason Park, Irvine
Over 50 families attended this year's picnic!  To see a list of attendees, see the list to the left.  Our members enjoyed a fun day meeting other families, touching squishy sea life in the Aquarium on Wheels, playing miniature golf, and swinging and climbing on the playground equipment.  Thanks to generous donations from Subway and El Pollo Loco, lunch was provided to all of our families! Thank you to our volunteers who also helped make this a wonderful day!
Picnic Attendees
by Age:

Kellen, 6 months, HLHS variant;
Vincent, 8 months, HLHS
Wales, 18 months, VSD
Avalon, age 1, ALCAPA
Catrina, age 1, DiGeorge Sydrome-IAA, VSD;
Colin, age 1, Ebstein's Anomaly
David, age1, HLHS
Nicole, age 1, DORV,TGA, DILV
Noah, age 1, Ebstein's - Fontan
Sarah, age 1, AV Canal Defect
Camie, age 2, HLHS 
Caroline, age 2, HLHS
Emily, age 2, HLHS, ASD, VSD, PS, MA, TGA;
Jessica, age 2, VSD, PDA DCRV, pacemaker;
Nathan, age 2, VSD/ASD/Double Chambered RV;
Daniel, age 3, HLHS, TAPVC, DORV;
Dominic, age 3, TGA 
Nathaniel, age 3, TOF, PA, Strad. Tricuspid Valve;
Braedon, age 4, HLHS, TAPVR
Matthew, age 4, TA, ASD,VSD
Philip, age 4, HLHS
Rebekah, age 4, CC-TGA
Ethan, age 5, TOF
Remzie, age 5, HLHS
Ruben, age 5, Heart Transplant
Sean, age 5, ASD
Amanda, age 6, HRVent, PA
Sabrina, age 6, TOF w/absent Pulm. Valve;
Amina, age 7, HLHS - Transplant
Paige, age 9, multiple defects
Marissa, age 11, HRHS
Angel, age 13, HLHS
Stephen, age 16, Coarctation
David, age 17, HLHS
Carlee, age 18, HRHS
Jeni, age 19, HLHS, Pacemaker
Donna, Adult, TOF
Gary, Adult, TGA 
Lonnie, Adult, ASD
Martin, Adult, TOF
Marylou, Adult, TOF
Megan, Adult, Sinus Node Dysfunction
Rachael, Adult, Mesocardia, DORV, HRV, PS

Why a separate picture of HLHS survivors?  Because HLHS is one of the most serious heart defects and some parents are STILL told there is no hope for these children.  This picture proves otherwise!  To see other "Pictures of Hope" see the Little Hearts, Inc. site, showing over 40 children with HLHS at their 2004 picnic in Connecticut. To learn more about HLHS, see our sister site, the HLHS Information Page.
Attendees with HLHS by Age:
Kellen, 6 months; Vincent, 8 months; David, Age 1, HLHS; Cammie, age 2, HLHS; Dylan, age 2, HLHS; Emily, age 2, HLHS, ASD, VSD; Caroline, age 3, HLHS; Daniel, age 3, HLHS; Braedon, age 4, HLHS, TAPVR; Ruben, age 5, HLHS/Transplant; Remzie, age 5, HLHS; Philip, age 5, HLHS; Amanda, age 6, HRHS; Amina, age 7, HLHS/Transplant; Angel, age 13, HLHS/Transplant; David, age 17, HLHS; Jeni, age 19, HLHS

Pictures of California Heart Connection's 4th Annual Picnic
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