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California Heart Connection
A support and information network for those with congenital heart defects

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California Heart Connection (that's us!) is a network of support, information and resources for children and adults affected by congenital heart defects.  We connect heart families through special events, online support groups and matching those with similar experiences.  For more information, see or call 949-653-6421.

Little Hearts, Inc.
Offers a free online support group for families affected by CHD's throughout the U.S. and holds an annual picnic in Connecticut.

The Congenital Heart Information Network: (TCHIN)
TCHIN offers online support groups for many different types of CHD's, nnd a list of support groups in many states.  The website also has a list of support groups throughout the US and elsewhere.  See the website or call 215-493-3068 for more information.

Adult Congenital Heart Association
An international organization that provides information and support for adults and adolescents with congenital heart disease (CHD), their families and healthcare professionals.  Call 617-325-1191 for more information.