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A support and information network for those with congenital heart defects

There are no scheduled events.

Please note that California Heart Connection no longer holds annual picnics.  These in-person get togethers were a vital source of information and support for families when the internet and social media were in their infancy.  Fortunately, families today have more opportunities to connect via online avenues.

Past Events:
California Heart Connection Summer Heart Picnics:  
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17th Annual Picnic was held on June 3, 2017 at Irvine Regional Park
Special thank you to our photographer (and heart dad, Kevin Bohn!) Kevin Bohn Photography

16th Annual Picnic - May 2016

15th Annual Picnic - May 2015

14th Annual Picnic - May 2014 

13th Annual Picnic - June 2013

12th Annual Picnic - June 2012 

11th Annual Picnic - June 2011 

10th Annual Picnic and Mini Health Fair at the Santa Ana zoo - June 2010 June.​ READ THE OC REGISTER ARTICLE  (photos on top, scroll down for full article)

9th Annual Picnic - May 2009

8th Annual Picnic - June 2008

7th Annual Picnic - June 2007

6th Annual Picnic - July 2006

5th Annual PIcnic - July 2005

4th Annual Picnic - July 2004 

3rd Annual Picnic - July 2003

2nd Annual Picnic - July 2002

1st Annual Picnic - July 2001

Other events we've held:

Sept 6, 2010
Ping Pong Fundraiser

Saturday, October 20, 2007
Congenital Heart Seminar for Parents -A huge success! 
(Sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences)

Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair  - 2006
We raised enough money from food and raffle ticket sales to send Teddy Bears to 250 children undergoing heart surgery!

May 2005 - Edward's LifeSciences "Life is Now" art project
See artwork created by two of our members!

California Heart Connection
Winter Potluck -January 2003

Fundraiser for CA Heart Connection - August 2003

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